At TNJSecurity we understand that pre-packaged security camera systems commonly found in big box stores just don’t meet the demands of real world surveillance applications requiring custom security systems with different types of cameras. We make it easy for you to build a top-notch security camera system without the hassle of being a tech guru.

We’ve simplified the process providing everything you’ll need to keep your home, business and environment safe, including observation systems that will allow you to see what the cameras see with a security monitor and security DVR that are working together. The complete security systems that TNJSecurity offers makes security viewing and management simple and convenient, taking up a small space yet providing everything you’ll need for security monitoring.

The energy-efficient LED monitors are easy to connect, using VGA or HDMI outputs to the security DVR or NVR. While a security hub is nice, being able to monitor your system from anywhere in the world is even better. Our systems allow for remote access, so you can watch from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Our complete security systems can can even monitor far distances in the dark, using infrared night vision, and offer motion activated recording, allowing you to set the NVR to record once something in the field of view moves. By using the links below, you can build your own customized security camera system from a choice of three of the most popular security camera technologies. If you require a mix of analog, HDCVI, and IP cameras, you can even combine all 3 of these technologies using our Tribrid System Builder so your system is never out of date.