Intercom systems are ideal for increasing security in an office building or home. With intercom systems, it becomes easier to identify those who are outside the building by the simple push of a button. These systems help to limit the chance of theft in your home or business, and allow you to have more control over who enters and when they can enter. Modern innovation offers many options for voice intercom communication, and video & voice intercom communication. TNJ Security Center offers repair services for all varieties of intercom systems in Carlton NSW

Types of Intercom Systems & Services

Telephone/Intercom Visitor Entry Systems – Telephone/intercom visitor entry systems allow the user to monitor and control who enters the secure space. The inside and outside users can use the telephone/intercom system to communicate with one another without having to be face-to-face. The inside user can decide whether or not to allow the outside user access to the building or home after communicating with them through the telephone/intercom system.

Multi-unit Apartment Systems – Multi-unit apartment systems utilize a unique intercom system installed into each of the apartment units. This grants each apartment access to the building main outdoor intercom, for communicating with visitors. The inside users do not have to be face-to-face with the outside user in order to allow them to access the apartment building. This allows for increased security for the apartment building and decreased chance of unwanted visitors.

Video Intercoms: Analog & IP – Video intercoms allow users to communicate with one another through video content. Video intercom systems allow the inside user to allow the outside user access after seeing who is trying to enter the home or building. Most video intercom manufacturers have been converting to IP-based video intercom systems because they provide higher quality video to the inside user. The inside user can see and communicate with the outside user before allowing them to enter the home or office building. IP-based intercom systems also allow for users to leverage mobile applications to ensure security to their home or office building from virtually any location.